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Black Sedan

The dark room is Phil Molloy (drums), Bobbie Stokes (vocals) and JD Rapp (keyboards and vocals). We write bemused, Steely-Dan-ish sort of songs about urban misadventure. Although a studio band only, our songs are organic and luscious; real jazz frequently bursts out of these big rolling pop tunes!

"Black Sedan" is our second release, following the critically acclaimed "Robber Barons."

From the liner notes of Black Sedan:

"Hello! It's always about escape, isn't it? From others, to others; the usual suspects. We are growing old and softer now, like you, and in our hearts we are looking for a little desperate fun. For us that idea has taken a shape........the image is a black sedan."

All mp3's on this site are presented with the expressed written permission of The dark room. The dark room's CD, Black Sedan, can be purchased from CD Baby. Tracks:


The Gibsons Blackmail
Bottle of Wine Cat in a Cage
The Palace Dorothy Parker
Radio Cool Black Sedan
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Robber BaronsFrom the liner notes of Robber Barons:

"Evil industrialists, spies in love, teens with time machines and Republican kink queens populate the urban underworld of Robber Barons. Dance beats, mournful cocktail jazz and rock and roll anthems alternate on this joyride into the last days of the twentieth century."



Smells Like Money Night time
I Spy Peter's Wife
Big dark room Omaha
The trio Go Too Slow
Time machine Bonus Track

JD Rapp has been featured as a Keyboard Magazine "Discovery of the Month" (June, 1995).

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