Rought Cuts
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Alatus Angel for Hannah Osmium
Biotypic Blur  
Butter Just Another Day  
Come Tomorrow Bombs Away!  
Eight Ode to Johnny Bravo  
Get Outta My Room Dreaming In Color  
Quam Alquid Tread Lightly  
R.T.O.T. - Extreme Ziggy Stardust (Cover)  
I Need A Nap Angel for Hannah Ver.2  
Otis Street Menace to Sobriety  
Thanks, Jeff (rough draft) Minor Threat  
Wet Paint Shut Your Mouth  
Pieces Fresh Meat  
Press 1 for English Essential Tension  
Two Nickels Constructive Destruction  
Faceless Open Jam  
Nothing Raw State  
AC LAIRDI started playing piano and then drums at a very young age. By the time I was about 17, I switched (mainly) to guitar. I've been playing guitar for 25 years, maybe a little longer, and writing my own songs for 20 years or so.

After taking a few years off from playing, I decided to start up again. With today's technology, it's much easier and quicker to slap songs together.

I have a wide variety of writing and playing styles so you never know what you'll hear!!
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